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My 2017 Workshop announcement!

France Workshop

Organics, Flora & Fauna,

Week-long Immersion:

July 26- August 2, 2017

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Create and explore in this magical, week-long retreat in the charming village of Durfort, in the south of France. Sculpting and exploring the natural world to create one of a kind sculptural pieces that can stand on their own or be used in unique ways to make jewelry and decorative art. We'll have the time to really experiment & immerse ourselves in so many directions during our week together.

Our pods, Abstract Blooms, and anthropomorphic creations will be sculpted in polymer, and fashioned over an armature of pressed cotton and wire.They will be cured and painted with multiple coats of oil paint to achieve a warm, vintage feeling. Learn how to sculpt, make design decisions based on reference and taking off from that reference. Learn special oil painting techniques and how to make color choices and stories. We'll primarily work with polymer, incorporating nature, anthropomorphism, and color. We'll experiment with intuitive drawing, for those who wish to do that. I'll even bring some of my own Coloring Book pages to leisurely color in the evening, for those who want to, while we relax together. No special sculpting or drawing skills are needed for this workshop; my students are consistently surprised and delighted with their creations! With my techniques there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. Much laughter and fun sets the tone for all of my workshops. The work we create and the sights and experiences we share will become precious memories, but the real value of a creative retreat at La Cascade is a deeper understanding of oneself as artist.

We'll visit the newly renovated Toulouse Lautrec Museum in Albi, where we'll draw inspiration from the offbeat characters of Lautrec's world, the patterned French gardens and grand palace. When we're not consumed with our creations, there will be leisurely excursions exploring the glorious mid-summer sunflower fields, area flea markets, the En Calcat monastery (and its wonderful art bookstore), and the famous Saturday market of Revel, where locals like to shop.

All excursions are optional; this is a week to satisfy yourself. Relax in the village with a book, sit on the terrace with a glass of wine, or, if you wish, take a nap in the afternoon.

Enjoy fine, fresh, local food prepared by our own personal chef, Nese. We'll meet for a delicious and sustaining breakfast. Lunch, which is served on the terrace, will ready us for the afternoon's adventures. Candlelight, wine, and chef Nese's dinner, accompanied by laughter and shared experiences will complete our delightful days.

The Workshop

Instructed Studio every morning, a field trip or studio time in the afternoon, including flea markets, a museum, concerts, local studios and villages.

Unlimited studio time, any time.

Field trips are always optional. You may wish to stay home, relax, nap, work on your own in the studio, or explore on your own.

The Accommodations

La Cascade's bedrooms are double occupancy (two twin beds) with three shared bathrooms. The beautiful new art studio is on the third floor and available to work in whenever you want. Living room, dining room, and a large outside terrace that goes down to the river are part of La Cascade. We have our own personal chef to provide delicious and healthy meals. The workshop price includes most meals.

The Price

Workshop price of $2300includes:

● Seven nights of lodging at La Cascade- double occupancy

●Afternoon field trips

●All breakfasts, and most lunches and dinners

●Workshop instruction and many supplies


July 26- August 2, 2017 in France:

Pods, Plants & Color

● $500 deposit will hold your space

●Registration limited to 8 participants

●Participants will be mailed a registration packet with detailed itinerary and more information.

Doreen Kassel's France Workshop

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