Doreen Kassel

My art has always been my work, school and recreation. Drawing, painting, sculpting is what I do.

A recent return to life in NYC has me looking at things in new ways and I'm enjoying life here - especially the new drawings I've been doing on the subway and in my new urban home.

Working with polymer has allowed me to sculpt and paint and find an enthusiastic group of people with whom I can share my work.

I draw on things that are uncommon and comfortably common, subway characters, city scenes and people, animals, stuff that's old & worn, children's books and the fairy tales I read as a child.

I like to mix humans with animals and change the size of characteristics, just for the absurdity and warmth of it. I've recently begun work on an exciting botanical series that I'll be teaching and expanding on. I teach, wholesale, retail and license my work. My teaching has exposed me to so many warm and talented people, it's taken me to Europe, all over the USA and I recently launched my first online class.

I'll be the featured artist in the upcoming Art Doll Quarterly and other publications, along with my children's book illustrations and I'm working on some exciting coloring books.

My 2 and 3-D images have been used for books, magazines, toys, puzzles, posters, greeting cards, wall art, ornaments & textiles. Along with individual collectors, clients have ranged from National Geographic, Unicef & Smithsonian to HBO, People Magazine & Newsweek.